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Orgone is a interesting thing. I got involved in making the present pendants from a process.

I started looking for health food concoctions for arthritis to high blood pressure. After that, I got into making cement cones with copper coils in them. (I know it was positive or negitive energy) The cones made some sort of energy field depending on how you twisted your copper coils. Twisted left was negitive and twisted right was positive. A certain kind could target you with health benefits. This would have been great if it had worked, but it didn't for me anyway. (It was alot cheaper though.)

So I read up on the Orgone Energy thing. Very interesting, of course.(just like the cement energy)But, much prettier and not so dusty. That was it, I got hooked. I read a whole lot about crystals and took notes. Tried different resins to see which one didn't smell to bad. I started with one mold and watched a whole load of video's. So by trial and error started to get some where. An as they say, that is history.

It is my intent to bring some healing with health or emotional issues for each person that purchases or recieves a pendant. I firmly believe that doctors are lacking in the medical field. I hope I can bring alittle hope and joy into someone's life with these products. I believe it helps me just by making them even though they don't always come out prefect every time.

We are located at Perkiomenville, PA, (wishing it was Hawaii)especially right now when its in the 30's.


Rudolf - on Aug 24, 2017
Flawless piece of art. Outstanding job. Very powerful energy is brought forth from this mystical gem. All should glance at this seller's collection. Much passion is evidently portrayed.

Leah - Pendant on Mar 28, 2017
Beautiful piece and immediate shipping. Better than photo.

Ashleyon - Pendant Nov 8, 2016
Very fast shipping. It's beautiful & my boyfriend loves it.

Molly - Earring on Jan 4, 2017
The item was most likely accurately described, nonetheless not as elegant as I had hoped. I am however happy with the care involved in making these earrings and have no doubt of their abilities.

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