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The crystals have many abilities to help health issues. Is Orgone true or flase, that is our question. As our population is getting older many people are in need of pain relief. Also with getting older our immune systems are not as good as they once were. Then there is arthritis, neuralgia and osteoporosis. There are crystals the help relieve stress, emotional scars, anxiety and more.

Picking Your Orgonite:

How to pick the right Orgone product for you. Don't worry, the right one will pick you. Which ever one your drawn to is the right one for you, unless you are looking for help with specific health issues. I kind of did a test on this theory on Thanksgiving. I gave some small pendants out to family members. I had them in a bag and they couldn't even see what they were getting. I had them pick from the bag. The funny thing was everyone got the color stones they were happy with, including a birthstone that went to the right person.

Crystals and Chakras:

Chakra crystal healing has a profound effect physically, emotionally and spiritually; if our Chakras are blocked or drained, then our body, spirit and mind can not function properly. Clearing and balancing our Chakras with Chakra colored crystals and breath positive affirmations, like (OM).

The power of Intent:

Intent can't be seen or felt so it is often dismissed as not really there. There is a famous test that proves other wise. The famous double-slit experiment proves the power intent has a way of making effects on the universe. In 1978 American theoretical physicist John Wheeler proposed a series of thought experiments. In the experiments, photons were observed moving through a double slit and they would change their path from when they were not observed. In Feb. 1998 at Weizmann Institute of Science recreated this experiment with the same results.

Orgone Doubts:

A lot of people have doubts about Orgone products. I did to at first, but I tried wearing a Amethyst to curb my pain for various health conditions. I was amazingly surprised that it did help. I wear one most days to help with different problems sinse I have the products availible. Even if you don't believe in crystal healing there is the power of "intent". It is a fact that we all have the creator spark inside us. A persons spiritual intent for healing is a major factor. Its my wish(intent) to bring some relief to the millions of people with health issues


It is known that Colloidal silver The particles of silver are small enough to penetrate on a cellular level and destroy pathogens of all types, including bacteria, fungal spores, parasites, and viruses. This is why we put real silver leaf in many of our items. This is widely debated.

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